Name Ideas & Tips

brand name ideasGet Started Naming Your Brand

If you are looking for naming tips to help craft a name for your new business, check out these ideas.

At BrandNest, we have created a set of tips and suggestions that will aid you in starting your business.  Over the years we have worked with hundreds of new businesses as they launch in their respective marketplaces.  The tips we’ve identified has been gleaned from our experiences.  Some of our tips, ideas and suggestions may surprise you.

Tip 1: You will want to stay clear of names that sound like all the other names your industry.  You’ll want to look for a name that clearly differentiates your firm from others in your industry.

Tip 2: Your name should tell a story about your company and the qualities that set you apart from your competitors.  Select a name that’s compelling and communicates with your audience.  Your brand is more than just a series of characters.  Think of it as conversation with your audience.  What do you want that conversation to be?

Tip 3: Consider a name that has energy and excitement.  Stay away from overused phrases or uninspired names.  Select a name that is insightful, distinguished, stimulating and transcendent.  Delight your audience with your name.  Names that are exciting but simply easier to remember.

Tip 4: You will want to keep your name short in length.  Short names are easier to spell, easier to remember and have a greater propensity for a clear communication a world where your audience is bombarded with brand messages all day from myriad sources and outlets.

Tip 5: It is essential to select a name where the URL is available and is free and clear of any trademark or use issues.  Questionably, the most commanding domain extension is dot-com.  You’ll be doing yourself a significant disservice if you start with any extension other than dot-com.  You’ll also want to ensure your name selection is available for use.  Check with the United States Patent Trademark Office, your state or province corporate registration entities and municipalities to ensure the name is not currently in use.

Check out the names ideas below to find a visionary name for your new company.